Best Holiday Houses in Atherton

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Cairns team

For the ultimate in holiday accomodation - luxurious accomodation in a stupendous house in a stunning location - often with only the birds & sea to hear.

These houses, are usually owned by the well to do, who only use them themselves briefly every so often and give them to an agent for renting to defray some of the upkeep cost. Some of these are located in out of the way remote areas with total isolation - only the singing of birds, fragrance of flowers and the gentle wash of the tropical sea to interupt your thoughts. Others are located right in the heart of some of the popular tourist centres offering 5 star plus spacious accomodation amid all the action.Your wallet may take bit of a hit from staying in one of these, but at the end of it you will certainly agree the exclusiveness was worth it.

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