Atherton Tablelands

The Atherton Tablelands is that area to sandwiched between the Savannah Lands/Gulf Country and the Coastal strip of Cairns/Coral Coast/Cassowary Coast. It has two entirely different sub-regions - the Southern & Northern - that latter being mainly Savannah style country with mainly cattle farms as the major activity. The Southern half though is vastly different, having a much higher rainfall, with the result that it is much more lush and the farms are generally smaller and more into horticulture & agriculture boutuique dairy products etc. The terrain in the north tends to be flat hot and dry with sparse habitation, whereas in the south it is gently rolling hill country with a rainforest style bush with fully running steams in the gullies and a new village or township at every turn.

In fact around Millaa Millaa & Malanda there is the famed "waterfall circuit" containing a series of waterfalls - some of which have become very recognisable through TV advertising shoots. Near Atherton is the well known Tinnaroo Dam which is ringed by campgrounds, cabins etc and very popular with holiday makers & locals alike for watersports, fishing, camping etc.

The Tablelands also include the town of Kuranda - which would be the gateway to the tablelands if travelling from Cairns via the Kennedy Highway. Kuranda is also the terminal for the Kuranda Scenic Railway and right next door Skyrail. Kuranda is world known for its markets and for it's other many tourist attractions

The Tablelands are also accessible by road from Innisfail in the south via the Palmerston Highway, and from Port Douglas