The Gulf Country

The Gulf Country is that wild stretch of Land on the Western side of Cape York Peninsular and around the bottom of the Gulf of Carpentaria to the Border with the Northern Territory. This is sparsely populated territory and subject to harsh seasons of drought & floods. Main industrys are huge station cattle farming, fishing and mining. Of late approximately $60B of mining projects have been identified for development in this area which (if they happen) will bring in many workers and change Cairns destiny slightly becoming a "fly-in, fly-out" port for mining employees. There is little tourism in this area and negotiation of the territory is not for the faint at heart.

The largest centre is Weipa - a mining town centered around the extraction on Bauxite (Aluminium ore) which is then shipped away for refinement.

Queensland rail operate a coach service from Cairns to Normanton, from where the Gulflander train operates to Croydon, where another coach trip to Forsayth enables a passenger to "loop" around back to Cairns on the Savannalander service. - a trip of up to 9 days truly experiencing the Australian outback - definately one for the train buffs.